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2018 Summer Camp Directory

At the request of our community, Koddler created the first seasonal summer camp directory in 2010.  Now in its eighth year, Koddler is excited to create the best directory to date.

Our directory is organized by state, and includes a special listing of residential programs across the country.  This year we look forward to improving upon our design and refining the ease that parents can zero in on the perfect camp. 

We will continue to offer our camp listings at an affordable price to make sure it is accessible to a wide swath of programs.  We are currently accepting listings, so if you are a camp read on!

Get Listed Now

We almost took a break this year from the directory and heard quite an uproar after our last successful Summer Camp Directory. No worries...we are back and determined to make the 2018 season another success.  The driving force behind the creation of our directory has been our community of businesses and parents who have been requesting an easy way to research and connect. Now in it's eighth year, we look forward to making the 2018 Summer Camp Directory even better.

If you listed your camp in a prior year's summer camp directory, we look forward to seeing you again for 2018. By renewing, you will be able to maintain your prior camper ratings for 2018.

You can submit your listing today and the directories will be live starting March 1st and we will continue to promote them on the front page of Koddler through August 1st.

Why Koddler

There are several camp directories available online, but Koddler is quite a bit different.

A Listing is a Listing...Period

Most online camp directories offer an inexpensive option where you can list your camp name, phone number, and perhaps a small description. Pay some more money and you can have an online map of your camp location and a link to your website. Even more and you get a logo or photos. Pay for the top level and you can list in a bunch of categories. You either go affordable and get a basic presence or shell out a ton for a reasonable listing. Whatever!

On Koddler, a listing is a listing. We offer a single level of listing for a very reasonable price. On top of that, our listings are feature rich. Every listing includes:

Everything listed above is available for a single listing fee.

Real-Time Updates

We all know that from the time you place the listing until the time camp starts, changes happen. No need to fill out a change for or make a request by email. React immediately by logging into Koddler and making edits real-time. All with a few clicks and no need to wait.

Location, Location, Location

If you are a day camp just outside of a major city, it can be difficult to find a good directory that serves your area. On Koddler, every visitor enters their current location and we calculate the distance to each camp. This allows the parents to sort by the distance they are willing to travel and find your camp quickly.

Push Your Way to the Top!

We recognize that some camps want to be special and positioned higher in lists, but we won't charge you for it. You need to earn it. If your camp is popular with prior campers, invite them to come rate you on Koddler. By default, we sort based on rating and map icons highlight those camps with an active community. Our parents tend to jump directly to the comments section on Koddler when making decisions, as it's a great way to learn what other members think.


Most directories rely on search engines to deliver all their visitors to listings. The reality is that this is an extremely important strategy that we use as well. A significant amount of our effort focuses on search engine optimization. That being said, we have the unique ability to expand beyond the search engines. Koddler is a year-round parenting resource where repeat visitors explore the weekly event calendar. To capture this traffic, Koddler promotes the camp directories through the front page of the site and our weekly Koddler Local email newsletter. To top if off, we leverage various online advertising mediums such as Facebook and Google. That's a lot of bang for your buck!

Enhanced Searching

Many sites take the "laundry list" approach and force parents to spend a lot of time researching. Koddler offers a more intelligent directory that allows parents to sort and filter by distance from their home, camp popularity, child’s age, etc. That list trims down quickly, and any directory that saves parents time gains exposure quickly.

Finally...Better Value

If you are on the fence, consider this...with all it's functionality, Koddler is a much better value than competing sites. Here are a few examples of other camp sites:

Summer Camps.com Premium Plus Listing - $997 per year
CampPage.com Standard Listing - $299 per year

On Koddler, our 2015 directory listing is extremely affordable.  You get all that Koddler camps has to offer for a one-time fee of $40.

Koddler.com Full Featured Listing - $40 per year

See what we mean when we say Koddler is a better value?


Listing your Camp

If you are a camp and would like to participate in the directory, you can add your listing in less than 15 minutes. A listing includes camp location, contact information, description, programs, dates, photos, etc. You will have the ability to modify the information at any time and accept ratings/comments from parents.

Add a New Camp


If you were part of the Summer Camp directories in the past, save time and take the following steps:

  1. Login to Koddler
  2. Click on the Members link at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the Contributions link to the left, find your old camp listing and click the edit link (pencil) to the right.
  4. Update the listing with new information since last year
  5. Click the Next button to goto the payment page
  6. Click the Buy Now button to complete the purchase using credit card or PayPal. Alternatively, email info at koddler.com for information on paying by check.

New Listings

To list your camp follow these steps:

  1. Login to Koddler, or register if you do not have an account.
  2. Go to our create camp listing page and enter your information
  3. Click the Next button to goto the payment page
  4. Click the Buy Now button to complete the purchase using credit card or PayPal. Alternatively, email info at koddler.com for information on paying by check
  5. Once complete, your camp will be included in our directory.

To change your camp information at any time, select the Members link at the top of the page and click on your camp link in the contributions table.




If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make this a valuable resource, please email us at info at koddler.com. We will also be offering banner advertising on our directory page, so let us know if you are interested in additional exposure for your camp.

Article Date: 2/5/2018