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    3 years to Adult

Poway Samurai Martial Arts

And, Learning together builds strong bonds between parents and kids. Consider taking our class WITH your kids and enjoy the time spent together!

Kids Class (ages 5 – 16):
If you want your children to develop Mental Focus, Etiquette, Discipline, Self-Esteem, Agility, Coordination, then our dojo is one of the few places where all of these things are taught in a fun and safe atmosphere. PLUS… These are the arts of the Jidai! (remind you of a movie you know?) These traditional and authentic ninja and samurai methods are not only fun to learn, but help develop critical thinking and awareness that brings out the natural leadership traits in kids. We are training tomorrow’s leaders today!

Little Ninjas (ages 3 – 5):
The kids will be introduced to martial arts movements, as well as participate in several games and activities designed to help build coordination, listening, teamwork, discipline and awareness. The lessons help to develop social intelligence, confidence and self-esteem while lowering anxiety. The class will go through tumbling exercises and rolling stances that develop stability and strengthen the core. Plus, we will have fun with listening and teamwork games such as leapfrog, stop and go, etc…

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