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  • Monday - Saturday: 10am-5pm Saturday Evening: 6pm-SUNDOWN Sunday: 11am-5pm

  • Newborn to Adult

Liquid Planet Waterpark

LIQUID PLANET WATER PARK is a locally-owned and family-run business inspired by New Hampshire's great outdoors. We have combined the tranquility and majestic beauty of nature with the fun, excitement, and adventure of a state of the art water park situated in the quaint and picturesque town of Candia, NH.

We have designed much of our park to be Accessible to the Disabled; our Pool, Sprayground, and all facilities are wheelchair accessible, so please bring ALL your loved ones to our World to join in the fun.



  • 446 Route 27 Candia, NH 03034
  • 603-483-2200 Website
Sent me a rude private message too - owners are rude


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"They do not take any constructive criticism well. They respond to public reviews on tripadvisor in a professional manner because they know it is being read by everyone. However, I got rude response via private message from tripadvisor telling me how they had "1,000 more satisfied customers etc...." and called me a "cancer to society" - you just don't even use that word in that context. I am not only appauled at this private response to me but they were not very accomodating with what I will call our "common sense" issues; they were very rude when we were very nice to them from the start. The website makes it look big but it is not - my kids kept asking me why they are so mean here and if there was anything else to do (and my kids are very easy going). would not want another family wasting their money due to the sneakiness and unprofessionalism here."

Very Rude Management, Poor Value, Dangerous Pond (Crater Lake)


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"Agree with the other comment on here. When I wrote a negative review, got this message from Liquid Water Park... Shows you the bad attitude..."Well Liquid Planet had another day where nearly 1,000 guests went home safe and happy. So dont think your inacurate and one sided review is going to matter. the problems are with you and not with the park. No one and no place will ever be good enough for you. But the problem is with you and your horrible attitude it would be wise for you to remember that." You could accept an apology maybe, but they have a very nasty attitude. BE VERY WARY "

RUDE management, strict rules, and better value elsewhere


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"I recently wrote a pretty detailed review on Tripadvisor about Liquid Planet giving an accurate description of our day there. While I can overlook many of the problems we had, I will NOT frequent a business who is so rude as to actually drive away customers. It is overpriced and they won't even let you bring in a simple bottle of water. But aside from that, here is management's PRIVATE response to my review. Rather than address my concerns, they follow it up with insults??? Shows you what kind of people run the place and made our decision easier to never go back. From: LiquidPlanetWaterPk "From your very lengthy review I get the feeling that you are sort of a b**ch who is never happy with anything. I kinda feel sorry for your children. Oh, thats right I am supposed to ask a question. Do you ever feel bad that the rest of the world is enjoying life while your just on the side lines wasting yours with petty complaints?""

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