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Gymagine Kids Gymnastics
  • Newborn to Adult

Gymagine Kids Gymnastics

When you combine creative and skilled gymnastics teachers with imaginative and enthusiastic children, you get GYMagine! Increase fitness, develop strength & balance, promote coordination & flexibility all WHILE HAVING LOTS OF FUN!



  • 3616 South Road, #B3 Mukilteo, WA 98275
  • 425-513-8700 Website
Terrible, incompetent, disorganized


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"My son attended Gymagine for 6 months and the coaches are INCOMPETENT (being generous). The coaches do not show up half of the time. They scramble to find a fill in coach or they consolidate classes or they outright cancel. If they do show up, they are ineffective to communicate instructions. They do not demonstrate the activities or provide. I recently took my other son to a birthday party at Gymagine and it looks like they have actually gotten worse. Just when I thought Gymagine couldn't get a worse they far exceed my expectation. My son is very familiar with gymnastic equipment but he completely shut down at Gymagine and refused to participate after 15min because the coaches do not interact with kids, they do not demonstrate moves and they do not provide any personal instructions. There were 4 instructors at the party and none of them provided any assistance or extra instructions to kids who were unfamiliar with a gym environment. Kids were crying and some needed a little assistance. Gymagine solution to kids crying who were scared was to provide instructions over a loud speak (P.A. system). Take the free class and try one or two of the other gyms before you sign up. Once you participate in a gym that has competent instructors then you will not sign up for gymagine. Alternative gyms in Everett (leading edge) and Mount lake terrace (cascade elite). I live close to gymagine and the extra drive time to a different gym is well worth the investment. "

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