April Vacation Week Programs
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  • When

    9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
    4/16/2019 - 4/19/2019

  • Cost

    Fee: $55m/$60nm per child per day

  • Children Ages

    5 to 10 years

April Vacation Week Programs

Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Norfolk, MA
  • Posted by: sbcamp

Your children don't have to go far away to experience a new world or discover something new about themselves. Have them come to Stony Brook during the vacation weeks. We know how to make learning fun!

Tuesday, April 16: Migration Mission

As our days get warmer, many animals begin their migration back to their summer homes. This includes some birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. This also marks the time of year when certain salamanders and frogs migrate to vernal pools where they will lay their eggs. Spend the day learning about how animals find their way and the problems they encounter.

Wednesday, April 17: Trash to Treasure

Get ready to upcycle! Break out you're creative thinking cap as we turn all kinds of things you might recycle or throw away into awesome crafts.

Thursday, April 18: Muck, Yuck and All That Stuff

What is that goo floating on the water? Have you ever seen what an insect egg looks like? What is that slime that forms from your milk? And why do some foods smell so bad? This camp is an exploration of all things that make you think yuck! Come along and experiment with the science of muck and yuck to see “why it does that.” If you enjoy getting down and dirty with science, this camp is for you.

Friday, April 19: Water World

Water is everywhere! Where does it come from? Where does it go? Through activities, outdoor explorations, and experiments, we'll learn how water cycles on the earth.