Rock City Spring Break Music Camp (ages 4-7)
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  • When

    9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    4/15/2019 - 4/19/2019

  • Cost

    $399 / week

  • Children Ages

    9 months to Adult

Rock City Spring Break Music Camp (ages 4-7)

Bach to Rock Penfield

Whether they’re a budding rock-star or an aspiring classical soloist, Rock City World Tour Camp is the place to find real music education for your child in Preschool - 1st Grade. Through dynamic musical and movement-based activities, exposure to live instruments and musically inspired story-time, budding young musicians gradually develop the skills needed to read music, play simple rhythms and develop fine motor control - skills that are essential for future success in playing an instrument. Classes focus on foundational musical concepts such as fast and slow, sound and silence, high and low and even singing and playing major scales, and with our special take-home activity materials, their musical adventures will last all week long!

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