Camp Counselor Internships Help Build Character… and Resumes!

Camp CounselorsAre you the kind of person who constantly looks for opportunities to advance your career while doing something that you love? Does it mean the world to you when you can make a kid smile because you helped him/her achieve something no matter how small? Do you get more satisfaction from making someone else’s day than your own?

People of this caliber take on summer camp internships because they want to make a difference in the world, and many are surprised that there is a lot more to it than work experience. While professional training and experience will greatly help your resume, they will also build on your good character and qualities as a person. You will gain soft skills, such as peer mediation, group building, and more. Soft skills are not as easy to obtain in a traditional internship job, but are highly valued and sought after by employers of every field.”

What’s in it for you?

Camp counselor jobs are paid by the hour and run all day, ensuring a healthy paycheck during the months most students are looking for summer work. As a college student with expenses, money is pretty important. But even more important, you are receiving “on the job training” in the soft skills mentioned above, and opportunities to participate in weekly seminars at the end of the camp day, where experts lead workshops focused on skills like resume enhancement, business, marketing, interview techniques, and more.

With all of this in mind, the experiences you have as a counselor will become a part of who you are and the great person you will be in the workforce one day after college graduation.

By the end of the summer, you will have organized and unified many unique and diverse personalities to work together as a team, fixed something that was broken (from spilled milk to friendships), and been an advocate for the smallest of voices who will remember you for a very, very long time. You will have added more wonderful qualities to your good character, including leadership and professionalism, and gained tremendous experience in communicating effectively with children, parents, fellow counselors, and supervisors. These are vital qualities sought after by any employer in most fields today.

What you’ll do: Because you’ve chosen to work in an environment based on fun and learning, you will lead kids in your area of expertise. Camps are great at finding the best fit for your talents in specialties like Adventure, Fine Arts, Junior, Leadership, Performing Arts, Sports, and STEMM. The day is action packed and you will be on your game every minute of every day, because the group of kids you have one week may be totally different from the next.

What to expect: Counselors will find the mutual respect and kindness that comes from working in an environment where people help one another achieve goals. Growing friendships with your fellow leaders are at the top of many counselors’ favorite camp experiences. Since many are returning counselors, there are more opportunities to work hard and have fun together year after year.


"I have a conviction that a few weeks spent in a well organized summer camp may be of more value educationally than a whole year of formal school work." ~ Charles Eliot, Harvard University’s 21st president


Contributed By: Grace Tummino, LINX

LINX Camps proudly serves Metro West MA with over 40 premier camps, including Junior (half and full day), Adventure, Fine Arts, Leadership, Performing Arts, Sports, and STEMM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math and Movie Making). It is important to us to offer a safe and comfortable camp environment in which all campers, no matter their age or chosen program, feel confident tackling new challenges, trying new activities and building lasting friendships.

By: Grace Tummino, LINX
Published: 5/26/2019