"Community Approved" Designation

OK...so your business or organization rocks. Pretty darn simple. Well, Koddler believes that you need a bit of extra recognition. Why not? You deserve it.

Member Approval

Recognizing You

The Koddler community is an active group of parents working hard to stimulate and engage their children. When they run across a kid's destination which makes an impact, they let the community know by adding a rating. Highly rated destinations can earn the Community Approved designation from Koddler.

As a Community Approved destination, you will receive a Community Approved Logo to display on your website as well as a limited-edition Community Approved window decal for your business.

The Details

Get started by encouraging your customers to rate you on Koddler. To rate a destination, simply register on Koddler, visit the destination page, and click the "Rate / Comment" link on the left.

Any business which receives 3 or more comments with an average rating of 3.5 or greater qualifies for the Community Approved designation. Easy!


Have a question? Just email us at info at koddler.com and we will get back to you as quick as possible.