Guide to Getting the Most out of Koddler

In addition to being a valuable parent's resource, Koddler is designed as a platform for business looking to maximize exposure with parents. Depending on your type of business or organization, the following provides a few tips to maximize your exposure.


The following tips apply to all businesses:

  • Add Images - Adding images to your listing makes it stand out. The most important image is the thumbnail that represents Destination and Camps on listing pages. When viewing your listing page, click the "Set Image" link on the left side of your listing and upload an impactful image. Be sure to crop it properly.
  • Promotions - If you are running a promotion, add a promotion feature to your listing. After your listing is created, select the "Promotions" link in the upper right menu and enter the information. Promotions are time boxed and can be scheduled ahead, so you can enter them now for coming months. When your listing has an active promotion, the listing receives a promotion icon (promotion icon) on listing pages and the promotion is included in the Koddler Local weekly newsletter for your area.
  • Advertising - Koddler offers paid advertising options, incuding sponsored articles and contests. For more information visit our Advertising page for more information.

You Own a Business with a Physical Location

Destination listings offer the following added benefits:

  • Ratings - Ratings are one of the best ways to get exposure on Koddler. When you are rated, the following is triggered on the platform:
    1. The Rating is highlighted in the next Koddler Local email newsletter to your area
    2. Your listing climbs in order on the Destinations listing tab
    3. Your listing could be featured on the home page for your area. The featured spot shows the highest rated listing based on the last 3 months rating.
    4. The most recent two comments are listed on the home page of Koddler for your area.
  • rating widget example Ratings Widget - If you have been rated on Koddler and want to show your star rating on your website, visit your listing page while logged into Koddler and select the "Widgets" link on the right menu. You can grab a snippet of HTML code that you can paste right into your website. As your rating changes, it will be automatically reflected. Clicking the rating widget will take your visitors right to Koddler where they can visit your page and add their comments.
  • Events Feed - You can use Koddler as your primary event directory. Do you have a website where you have to go through a painful process to add events? As an alternative, add your events to Koddler and pull a live feed of listing events into your site. Koddler publishes an RSS feed of events which can be limited to your listing. To take advantage of the feed:
    1. Login to Koddler and visit your Destination Listing page
    2. Add events to your destination listing through the "Add an Event" link on the left menu.
    3. Click the RSS feed icon (rss icon) on the bottom of the page. The resulting feed will display just the events for your listing.
    4. Incorporate the RSS feed into your website. If you have a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, there are a number of freely available widgets you can leverage.
  • Koddler Approved - For those destination listings that stand out in the community, we offer the Community Approved designation. If you are really that great, show off. Read more about it on our Community Approved info page.

You Run a Camp

Camps are special in the world of Koddler, featured in our seasonal directory. Here is how you can get the best value out of Koddler

  • Get Listed - Our Summer Camp directory is a seasonal offering, typically running from the beginning of February through the beginning of August. Our paid listings open up in the Fall. Get listed and get exposure.
  • Check Out Ratings Tips - You benefit from ratings as well. Check out the information on ratings and widgets above.
  • YouTube - Camp listings now offer the ability to display a YouTube video. If you have one, showcase it on your Koddler page. If you don't, why not publish one?

Koddler's annual Summer Camp Directory offers a unique opportunity to reach an engaged community of parents. Inclusion in the camp directory is

You Have a Blog

Do you have a blog that is of interest to parents? You can become part of the Koddler family

  • Get on the Koddler Home Page - If you are a local blog that targets content to parents, you belong on Koddler's home page for your area. Drop us a note and suggest that we add your blog to our list.
  • Add Koddler Events to Your Blog - Help make your blog a go-to destination for parents by publishing a list of Koddler events targeting your area. It is crazy easy.
    1. Visit Koddler and using the Location dropdown on the top of the screen, select the area of interest.
    2. Select the Events tab to see the list of events.
    3. Click the RSS feed icon (rss icon) on the bottom of the page. The resulting feed will display just the events for your area.
    4. If you are feeling brave, you can optionally adjust the URL for the feed to set a different latitude, longitude, or radius (in miles)
    5. Incorporate the RSS feed into your website. If you have a Content Management System (CMS) such as Wordpress, there are a number of freely available widgets you can leverage.

You Work at a Library

We love libraries. They have wonderful events and provide great services to parents and children. As a result, Koddler integrates with existing library event systems to automatically pull your events into Koddler. With no additional effort on your part, you can gain extra exposure for your events.

Learn more about our event distribution system, and email us at advertising at for information on how to move forward.