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    Check our Website for specific opening date as cherries ripen with warm weather

  • Cost

    Entrance is free. Price of Cherries is determined by the quality and quantity that year of picking.

  • Children Ages

    Newborn to Adult

the Cherry Pit Ranch

Our cherry orchard was planted over 20 years ago as a family project. The orchard is hidden away from public streets and secluded behind our family home. It's a hidden treasure of tranquility and serenity, providing wonderful closeness for family picking and picnicing together. We started out small with just 35 trees and enjoyed the company of our wonderful customers so much we increased the number of trees to what we now have. We offer a wide variety of cherries to meet the tastes of our customers. We grow Bing, Raineer, and Stella sweet cherries.

While we are a small orchard, we cater to the needs of families that travel many miles to pick. Our goal is to make the most of your day in the country. Our lush and shaded picnic area provides a cool relaxing spot for families to enjoy after picking. Families have the choice of picnicing on blankets, being seated at shaded picnic tables, or just plain relaxing in a hammock or country porch swing.

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  • Where
    40164 90th Street West Leona Valley, CA 93551
  • Contact Information Mike or Lisa Rodela 661 878 0451 Website
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