Sunshine Music Together Westwood
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  • Hours

    Class days and times vary by semester. Please check website for most updated class times and current semester schedule.

  • Cost

    Cost is based on # of weeks in semester. Summer semester is just 6 weeks, the rest are 10-12 weeks. Please check website for current tuition price which includes 2 CDs, a songbook, make ups & DVD.

  • Children Ages

    Newborn to 5 years

Sunshine Music Together Westwood

LA Music For Kids, Formerly DBA Sunshine Music Together, is an early childhood music education program designed for children newborn to 5 years, based on over 20 years of research and development.

Our talented, trained teachers with over 10 years of experience create a rich musical environment in our mixed-age and Babies Only, 45-minute classes.

We nurture children's natural enthusiasm for music, movement and make-believe as we sing, dance, chant and play instruments in an informal setting each week.

We encourage family participation in spontaneous musical activity outside of class that is made fun and easy with your take-home materials. Each session features a different music collection, and every family receives an illustrated songbook and two CDs -- one for home and one for the car.

Wonder what you can do to nurture the musical growth of your child, regardless of your own musical ability? Experience our classes and find out how important and how fun your role can be! Create wonderful memories with your little one and see your child's developmental and musical growth from semester to semester.

Held at Play It Again in Westwood

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Great program for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers!


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"I've attended Music Together with both of my children and my 7.5 year old son plays on a drum set and has already been on set with the Fresh Beat Band and a guest performer at the Philidelphia Jazz Festival at age 3! Our daughter sings in perfect pitch and is already harmonizing at 20 months old. We love Music Together and the joy that music brings to our family because of it! I've been teaching it for over 10 years and am amazed at how musical the children are when exposed to music early on."