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    7 years to Adult

Kuk Sool Won of San Francisco

Kuk Sool Won of San Francisco offers fun, supportive classes for children ages 7 & over, and adults of any age and any ability. Kids enrolled in martial arts classes have been shown to have lower anxiety, a greater sense of responsibility, and increased self-confidence. Kids’ classes are structured to teach them the required Kuk Sool curriculum, help them learn good ettiquette and still have them tired by the end of the class. So if you are looking for a great after-school activity, this is it. Our kids’ class is also our family class, which gives you and your kids the opportunity to do something fun together. It’s definitely a bonding experience, especially as you advance in rank together. Call or email us to schedule a free introductory week of classes today!

  • Where
    2450 Sutter Street San Francisco, CA 94114
  • Contact Information Leora Goren & Susan Wootan 415-686-KICK Website
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