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The House Of Air

House of Air is an indoor trampoline park located in an historic airplane hangar at. Our athletic and recreational facility is host to open trampoline jump time, aerial and physical training on trampolines, trampoline dodgeball, and fitness classes. We cater to group events, including birthday parties, corporate events, family events, and fundraisers. House of Air's main trampoline structure consists of42 conjoined trampolines. This enormous and awe-inspiring trampoline floor - which is larger than a regulation size basketball court is surrounded on all sides by full-sized trampoline walls set at angles to the floor, allowing flyers maximum uninterrupted bounce space while providing maximum levels of safety. The 2X (Double) Bowl, located in the North End of The Matrix, is a freestyle trampoline concept modeled after skateboard park designs. Geared toward action sport enthusiasts, it includes two three-sided bowls separated by a low wall called a spine. The 2X Bowl is a House of Air exclusive, an innovative and ground-breaking concept never before seen at any type of recreational facility. The Training Ground, booked by appointment or group class only, is performance-based training for Flyers to improve aerial awareness, acuity, and ability. Top gymnasts, board sport specialists, and professional athletes offering classes to improve skills for various sports, including gymnastics, snowboarding, skiing, wakeboarding, skateboarding and kite boarding, giving athletes a safe way to practice and create new aerial manoeuvers. Safety harnesses are used on three competition-grade trampolines, and Flyers are able to reach extreme heights on the one-of-a-kind, custom-built, octagon-shaped center trampoline. Air Junior Bounce House is an inflatable bounce house designed for childrenthree to six yearsof age. Double slides and climbing walls elevate the bounce experience. Air traffic controllers, or safety managers supervise the area at all times. You are guaranteed to sweat at House of Air so we decided to ensure you can air, shower up and hit the town. There are 3 showers in each of the men's rooms and the women's room. House of Air has a 24 foot projection movie screen for big game madness and movie night.

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