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Paint Pals Clubhouse

Paint Pals Clubhouse is the perfect establishment uniquely designed to stimulate children's artistic creativity. Come on in and choose your plaster figurine or plaque and take your finished artwork home the same day. When you need a break from painting you can be a STAR while you sing karaoke on the stage under the spot lights. If you would rather leave the singing to the stars you can surround yourself in a GIANT BUBBLE, or stick YOUR SHADOW to the wall in their state of the art shadow room. Are you having fun yet? You haven't had the ultimate paint pals experience until you explore their MAZE under black light. Wait, Something New at Paint Pals! STUFF YOUR OWN ANIMAL AT THEIR CRITTER CORNER!! So what are you waiting for KIDS bring Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, little Brothers and Sisters. They are here waiting for you! Contact directly for details of charges and opening times.

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