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Academy Riding Stables

The whole family will enjoy Colorado horseback riding, guided by real cowboys who will point out some of the interesting red rock formations of the Garden of the Gods Park including; the Sleeping Giant, Snakehead Rock, Kissing Camels and SiameseTwins. Whether you are an experienced horse back rider or just a beginner, Academy Riding Stables has a horse suited to your abilities with Colorado guided horse back riding in the Garden of the Gods Park. One and two hour horse back rides are available throughout the summer months. We also offer Colorado pony rides for kids ages 2-7. They are approximately 15 minutes long. For those special occasions, hire our hay wagon, surreys or the stage coach and invite your friends. The stables are open year around except on Thanksgiving and Christmas days.

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Not disable friendly, well not friendly at all


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"I wish there was a rating below one star, WALTER (manager) deserves a ZERO.My niece has disabilities, but rides all the time. I was on the phone with this company for 20 minutes explaining my niece's needs and I was assured those needs would be met. Upon arrival I learned differently. My niece was so excited, she just couldn't wait! The manager was rude, I explained who I spoke with and the special accommodations I was promised a lead.He didn't believe a word I said.he was told nothing about it and HE was the manager! He would not put a person with my niece, nor could I However he assured me he would be leading the ride and she would be right behind him, so he would keep an eye on her. Nathan helped my niece on her horse and was great! Walter yelled at him to get that horse moving before my niece, horse or Nathan were ready. Walter did not go on the ride, my niece was listing off the saddle, but I was told not to ride beside her so even I was not allowed to help her. She almost fell off the horse. I stopped the ride and we left. Walter kept telling me this is not a therapeutic stable, good because we didn't need a therapeutic stable. Walter and the person at the entrance were extremely rude and made sure the ride didn't happen because of her disabilities. We will be notifying the ADA and hope they come down hard on Walter and his assistant. He should be called Mr Discrimination!!! Please let this company know what you think of this incident!! "