Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens
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Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

Two attractions in one, Naples Zoo invites guests to explore a historic 45-acre botanical garden in the heart of Naples filled with rare animals from apes to zebras. Naples Zoo is the only place in the SE US where you can see fosas, Madagascar's rare carnivores. Black Bear Hammock is the largest black bear exhibit east of the Mississippi River featuring backyard and native habitats. Leopard Rock and Tiger Forest allows guests to get up close to big cats through glass walls. Other feature exhibits include Panther Glade, and Petrof's Primate Pavilion. Naples Zoo also offers a full day of entertaining wild animal shows. The Safari Canyon open-air theater combines the fascinating information and wildlife footage of a nature program with the thrill of experiencing those same animals live -- from unusual carnivores to venomous snakes. The newest activity is Snake Sunbathing. In a casual environment, guests can get a good look at a variety of venomous reptiles while chatting with trained professional handlers. For the botanically curious, a tour of the historic garden on Sundays is led by the Zoos botanist. The Zoo also offers a Meet the Keeper Series and Alligator Bay where you'll see the giant reptiles being hand fed. And no visit is complete without a guided cruise through the islands of monkeys,lemurs, and apes. A variety of dining choices are available at Wynn's at the Zoo.

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