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Summerfield Zoo

Summerfield Zoos main objective is to provide an up close and personal animal experience for the whole family! As a small zoo, visitors can get up close and meet many of our animals. Summerfield Zoo has existed as a part of Summerfield Farm since 1990. We have a variety of exotic animals including mountain lions, zebra, ring-tailed lemurs, giant tortoises, arctic wolves, kinakjous, monkeys, and more! We pride ourselves on the personal and up close experience that we provide to our visitors. As a smaller zoo we can provide viewing areas that are closer to the animals than at most large zoos. We have many animals available for visitors to pet and take pictures with. Summerfield Zoo also hosts special events at with ample space for your company picnics or parties with tours of the zoo. Field trips, birthday parties, and group tours are also available.

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