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Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum

Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum is a treasure trove of a time gone by. Rockford, Illinois businessman Robert Hall Tinker built the home in 1865, perching it high on a limestone bluff overlooking Kent Creek. His inspiration came from an 1862 tour of Europe where he fell in love with the architecture of Switzerland. Today the Cottage is one of only a handful of Swiss-style homes remaining in the United States from the 1800s. The Cottage is filled with Victorian Era furnishings and artifacts, all part of the Collection left by the Tinker family to the nonprofit organization. The Museum campus contains an Indian Burial Mound, a Victorian Rose Garden, a suspension bridge that crosses Kent Creek and connects the Museum campus with Tinker's Railroad Gardens and the founding site of Rockford in 1834 by Germanicus Kent, Thatcher Blake and Lewis Lemon.

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