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Indiana State Museum

Located in White River State Park in the heart of Indianapolis, the Indiana State Museum is a world-class institution focused on Indiana's science and culture. Hoosier residents and visitors explore Indiana's past, present and future through exhibits that show the world as it was, as it is and as it can be. The museum is a gathering place, a learning center, and family-friendly entertainment, all within a unique architectural treasure. With originial works of art, hands-on exhibits and an atmosphere that invites exploration and discovery, the museum is an ever-evolving experience that uses an Indiana lens to present something suprising at every visit. There are three floors, filled with enough art, science, history, and culture to leave you amazed at the things you never knew about the state Hoosiers call home. Not every museum features mastodonts, a 1927 Stutz-8 AA four-door sedan, a Foucault pendulum, and a 17-foot-tall steam clock, but those things are all part of the Indiana story. With exhibits covering the Ice Age to the 21st century, the museum is an eclectic, exciting adventure into the past, present, and future of Indiana. With frequent rotations of artifacts from its collection and ever-changing special exhibits, it offers a different experience every time you visit.

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