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Sedgwick County Zoo

The Zoo has seen steady progress through the past three decades with major exhibits opening every few years. The Jungle in 1977, The South American Pampas and Australian Outback exhibits in 1980 and the Apes and Man Building in 1982 were a few of the highlights. With Ronald L. Blakely's retirement in 1991 and selection of current Executive Director Mark C. Reed, a new era of change was initiated. Major effort has gone into improving the infrastructure of the Zoo and enhancing the existing exhibits. New areas opened include the North American Prairie in 1993, the KOCH Orangutan and Chimpanzee Habitat in 1996, the Oliver Animal Hospital and the Pride of the Plains, both in 2000. The Zoo Entrance received a facelift in 2002 and The Downing Gorilla Forest opened to record setting crowds in 2004.

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