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Louisville Zoo

Enjoy wild adventures year round amongst more than 1,400 exotic animals in beautiful, naturalistic habitats amid an amazing botanical garden on 134 rolling acres at the Louisville Zoo. Behold baby Scotty, the Zoo's first baby African elephant, born March 2007, as he rolls in the mud, swims in the pool and continues to grow. Be immersed in the middle of gorillas in the round at award-winning Gorilla Forest with Western lowland gorillas and patas monkeys. At Lorikeet Landing you can get nose-to-beak with colorful Australian parrots as they land on you in the open walk-through aviary. Louie, the rare white alligator, offers a unique look at an animal that would not survive in the wild. The Islands exhibit features orangutans, baby siamangs, tapirs, Sumatran tigers, babirusa and a glorious array of rare island birds. Experience a special encounter with wallaroos and wallabies at Wallaroo Walkabout and watch Amur tigers being trained up-close at Tiger Tundra without a special behind-the-scenes tour. Escape from the heat at the Calistoga Splash Park at Glacier Run. Enjoy gift shops, indoor & outdoor cafes, a petting zoo, playgrounds and fun rides on an antique carousel, tram & miniature train.

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