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Amesbury Sports Park

The Amesbury Sports Park is a place like no other. The park boasts the steepest and fastest snowtubing hill in New England and offers up to 12 lanes for snow tubing. There are currently nearly 1,000 tubes thatcan be operated when the park is at full capacity. Two lifts service the hill a conveyor beltlift that guests stand on and an old fashioned handle tow lift that allowsriders to sit in their tube as they are pulled up to the top of the hill. Once at the top of the hill, guests arepermitted to link up in groups and slide down together or ride solo. The annual Spring Splash and Big Aircompetition draws snowboarders from all over New England. Not a boarder? Enter the pond skimming competition! Snow tubers compete for distance and braggingrights as they skim over the icy pond. There is an onsite Pub which offers traditional pub fare includingpizza, burgers, salads, appetizers, hot chocolate, cold beer and more. In warmer months, the Amesbury Sports Park is home toextreme obstacle foot races such as the Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, and new in2012, Run For Your Lives a zombie infested 5k obstacle race. The 6th Annual Brew Fest on9/22/12 features 100 beers, 6 live bands, and BBQ and will draw 7,000 people tothe all day event. Large festivalconcerts are also on the docket, with dates and details coming soon. The park is also home to globe riding, the sport of rollingdown a large hill in an 11 foot inflatable sphere. There are two different types of globes water and harness. Up to 3 people canenter the water globe with 10 gallons of water.When the ball is rolled down the hill, guests slosh around like they arein a self contained water slide. Theharness ball allows guests to remain dry as they strap themselves into a 7point harness. When the harness ball isrolled down the hill, guests tumble head over heels all the way to the bottom.It is truly an experience you will never forget! Summer tubing is also offered in summer months. Its just like snow tubing but without thesnow. Guests ride up the conveyor beltlift, then sit on the hard bottomed tube and ride down 3 Neveplast (artificialski surface) lanes. People remain dryfor the most part, although intermittent mist is used to keep the trackslubricated and fast. The park features artificial turf fields which can be usedfor soccer, rugby, lacrosse, football, field hockey, and cricket. There is a full service function hall onsite that featurescuisine by renowned Chef Kevin Jacques. The private function room can acco

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