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  • Children Ages

    4 to 12 years


Slide over and over again. Jump, climb, bounce. Find your inner Picasso. Design a city or build magnetic tower. Be a Diva, a Scientist, a Princess, a Hero or more! Discover a new book. Bump with the beat, perform, play it out loud and give your music to the world! And the fun is just getting started…

Thrill-O-Rama stimulates the senses and beats the boredom!

Imagine a place that has sometlhing for every child! Thrill-O-Rama is a clean, safe indoor family play space designed to educate children ages 0-14 in self-discovery, creative arts, health/fitness awareness, and technological innovation. Thrill-O-Rama motivates and enriches the whole child. Our programs, facility and people are designed to help each child discover and build on their unique gifts. Thrill-O-Rama is the perfect place for parents to enjoy down time while their kids are engaged in one of our PLAY ZONES.

Put the “fun” back into the fundamentals! For all children, ‘play and discovery’ are fundamental to learning. Playing is their job! Our job is to make it safe, productive and most of all… fun! Edutainment is the act of learning through a medium that both educates and entertains. Our facility offers a series of activities utilizing an ‘Edutainment’ model for children, and we are proud build on that learning model.

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