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    4 to 16 years

Children's Chorus of Maryland

Music Education Programs:
The CCM Conservatory program maintains the highest artistic standards, providing children with not only the proven CCM music literacy training curriculum, but also with exceptional performance, touring, recording, and broadcast opportunities and experiences.
Unlike many choirs, CCM emphasizes the development of musical literacy skills such as sight-singing, improvisation, dictation, and music theory. Students develop as a “whole musician,” becoming excellent performers who understand the music they perform. While this may seem like a lot to expect from young children, CCM teachers make learning fun by using singing games and beautiful music to prepare students for new music elements. As a result, they pick up on even the most challenging skills with ease and confidence.
The CCM methodology, taught by specially trained and highly qualified music educators, is a play-based and whole-brain multi-hybrid of the highly acclaimed Kodály approach to music education, modified by Gordon Music Learning Theory, and further extended with adaptations by CCM’s founder, Dr. Betty Bertaux. Children who complete the CCM Conservatory program have the equivalent of at least a first year college level of music education. Students are well trained in healthy vocal technique, musicianship, theory, sight singing, harmony, dictation, rhythm, solfá in major and minor keys and selected modes, introductory counterpoint, composition, and conducting.
Transcripts are provided.

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    100 E. Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 202 Towson, MD 21286
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