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Nelis Dutch Village

A visit to Nelis' Dutch Village is like a step back into the Netherlands of over 100 years ago. Dutch dancing, including dance lessons for everyone, a delftmaking demonstration, old Dutch cheese making, wooden shoe carving, candle carving, fudge making; there is tons to see and do! Fun activities include Dutch Dance Lessons, a Dutch swing ride, a 1924 carousel, petting zoo with farm animals, games and events. Take a Goat for a Walk and feeding farm animals are a big hit too.Newin 2010, kids loveon our'Petal Pumpers' cars! Kid-powered - the little ones pump their way around 400 ft. of track in tulip-decorated ore cars. On site 'Hungry Dutchman Cafe' with Dutch and American foods with keep those kids 'tummy happy'.

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