The Santa Fe Children's Museum
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  • Hours

    Tues-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun. 12noon-5pm

  • Cost

    Tues-Sat $6 NM residents, $9 out of state; Sun. $2 NM residents, $5 out of state.

  • Children Ages

    3 months to 12 years

The Santa Fe Children's Museum

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Kids enter The Santa Fe Children's Museum through a tiny door to discover a world full of hands-on much fun they don't even know that they're learning! The museum exhibits include water fun with bubbles, ramps and an Archimedes Screw; over 2,400 insects in one of the largest personal bug collections in the country; and live animals to touch and learn about...including a pygmy hedgehog! Some museum favorites are the rock climbing wall, face paints, dress-up, an infant/toddler area, magnets and a harmonograph - which is like spyrograph but bigger!

Your admission is good for the entire day and includes all the arts and science programs for the day. Check our monthly calendar for specifics.

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