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Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

The Mirage is further distinguished from all other hotels in the world by its animal habitats, built both for educational programs and public enjoyment. Siegfried and Roys Secret Garden is home to the White Lions of Timbaviti, The Royal White Tigers of Nevada, both Black and Spotted Leopards, as well as heterozygous Golden Tigers that carry the gene for the white coloration. The Secret Garden welcomed its newest residents, Mohan and Majestic, in August 2010. The sibling brothers are part of Siegfried and Roys breeding program and were brought to the Secret Garden in an effort to support their never-ending quest of conservation. Mohan and Majestic are carriers of the rare recessive gene that is necessary to produce white offspring. Through the Secret Garden, Siegfried and Roy seek to increase public awareness of the plight of all endangered animals and to foster dialogue about the worlds rarest breeds. The Dolphin Habitat serves as home for a family of bottlenose dolphins. Although guests enjoy watching the mammals as they frolic in the water, the facilitys primary purpose is for educational programs. A complete curriculum has been prepared with the Clark County School District to educate elementary through university students on the wonder of marine mammals.

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