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Shark Reef Aquarium

The only Nevada Wildlife Organization to be accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, Shark Reef Aquarium is a total sensory experience designed to transport visitors to an undersea world of fantastic sights, sounds and encounters. Featuring more than 2,000 dangerous and unusual aquatic animals, Shark Reef Aquarium takes visitors on a journey through an ancient temple reclaimed by the sea. Fourteen exhibits allow visitors to view up-close 100 aquatic species, including 15 types of sharks and a Giant Pacific Octopus. The 90,560-square-foot aquarium also is home to a Golden Crocodile, stingrays, jellyfish, sea turtles, piranhas and a rare Komodo Dragon with approximately 60 dagger-like teeth and deadly saliva. The newest members of the Shark Reef family are a male and female Bowmouth Guitarfish, or more commonly known as Shark Rays. The Shark Ray, not actually a shark but rather a member of the ray family, is referred to as a Shark Ray because its front half is wide and flat like a stingray while the back half is long and slender with tall fins like a shark. There are less than 12 Shark Rays on display in U.S. aquariums. Shark Reef Aquarium also offers the experience of a lifetime for those who love marine life and diving. The Dive with Sharks program provides thrill-seekers a rush of adrenaline diving side-by-side with guides and more than 30 sharks in a 1.3-million-gallon exhibit.

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    3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South (Mandalay Bay) Las Vegas, NV 89119
  • Contact Information +1 702 632 4555 Website
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