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Ausable Chasm

Step back in time as you walk the nature trails in the midst of a primeval Adirondack Forest. Descend hundreds of feet and walk the natural stone walkways within the Chasm and gaze upon eons of geologic history etched in stone. Experience our Classic Tour by adding a scenic raft or tube adventure on the legendary waters of the Ausable River through a maze of breathtaking rock formations sculpted across thousands of years by the river's currents. Try our Cave & Waterfall hike for a guided trek inside Devil's Oven Cave & to the base of Rainbow Falls. Our River Ducky Trip uses inflatable kayaks to paddle the Lower Chasm and sections of rapids beyond the Chasm. Take a cruise on the Mountain Bike Tour for a faster paced tour with unique views. Latern Tours enter the Chasm at dusk and descend 150 ft by the light of only lanterns and the moon.

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