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White Post Animal Farm

The White Post Animal Farm provides year round fun for the whole family. The animal farm features many animals of all different species from around the world! Children can admire the American Buffalo, Tibetan Yak and Oryx Antelope, as well as your everyday favorites goats, lambs, pigs, deer and alpacas. Exotic species such as Ring-Tailed Lemurs from the forests of Southern Madagascar, Ostriches from Africa, Grevy Zebras from Kenya, Nilgai antelopes from India, Aoudads from Northern Africa and Exotic Cattle. Take a turn and journey over to Central Park where you will find our Japanese Koi Pond featuring Popeye the Swan who has called White Post Farms his home since 1992. The park also features the famous Farmland Express Train Ride, and The Animatronic Singing Chicken Show.

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