Sol La Ti's Music Together @Police Athletic League, Central Harlem
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    Newborn to 4 years

Sol La Ti's Music Together @Police Athletic League, Central Harlem

Come and join the fun of music making with your baby, toddler or preschooler. Adults, regardless of their musical ability, can help create an environment that supports children in achieving basic music competence. Children of mixed ages participate at their own level by singing, moving, chanting, listening, and exploring musical instruments. Parents and caregivers participate with the children and receive music development information about their own child. Together, music allows for fun and family bonding.

Did you know?
Music making is one of only 4 activities that stimulates “neuroplasticity”, the brain’s ability to form new pathways and make novel connections between pre-existing skill sets. The Music Together® experience is multi-modal, exercising several areas of the brain simultaneously. Thus, it has a positive effect on ALL learning.
The early years are a crucial time to give your child a head start on his/her future life. During this period, the brain develops at its fastest rate. Music improves language development, the development of fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness and social learning. Music Together® is a research based, award winning program that will enhance not only your child’s development but also give caregivers new insights on education and music learning.

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