Great Play
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    Everyday 9am-6pm

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    Rolling 4-week plan - Join anytime
    • Only $99 per 4-weeks!
    8-week plan - Join anytime
    • $199 per 8-weeks, re-enroll as many times as you wish (no minimums)

  • Children Ages

    6 months to 12 years

Great Play

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Great Play offers fantastic, age-appropriate programs, each built on the same underlying philosophy and structure for making youth physical development fun and effective!

Intro to Motor Skills (ages 6 months- 3 1/2 years)- In these classes, Players, with parental support, enjoy physical exploration and play, and develop a broad base of age-appropriate motor skills in the process. A full range of locomotor, stability and manipulative skills are covered through unique games in our continuous curriculum, that goes way beyond gymnastics.

Motor Skills & Intro to Athletic Development (ages 3 1/2 - 5 1/2 years)- These are important transitional years for children: becoming ready for independent classes and moving from foundational motor skills into more complex, multistep sport skills. Great Play's LM classes are fun, structured and instructional classes, during which they teach two skills per class and incorporate them into creative games to keep the Player's excited throughout.

Sports Skills Program (Grades K-5th)- Great Play works on one skill per week. They start with a brief instruction period using our unique SCORE™ teaching method to learn proper technique for that skill. Then they play a series of games to apply the skill. As Players move up to more advanced classes they will master more complex versions of each skill being taught.
Phys Ed (Grades K-5th)- Unlike Great Play's Sports Skills Program, these classes are not focused on developing the techniques for a particular sport, but rather focus on building overall fitness, agility, strength and speed. These classes are ideal for both the child who doesn't particularly enjoy sports (and needs an alternative to the rec leagues for staying active and fit), as well as the child who does play sports and wants to increase his or her fitness level to perform at a higher level.

Zumbatomic (ages 5-10)- Zumbatomic® classes are rockin', high-energy events packed with specially choreographed, kid-friendly routines, and we mix in some Great Play favorite games each week as well to make the classes one-of-a-kind! 

Birthday Parties- Great Play's award-winning, high-energy parties are truly spectacular events, and they make your child the star of the show! Your guests will have a blast and your child will receive All-Star treatment in the amazing interactive arena.

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"We are new to the area and were pleasantly surprised to discover Great Play. It has quickly become one of my family's favorite places to go. The coaches are fantastic and know everyone by name. The gym always looks spotless and the activities change every week. My 2 years old loves hide and seek with buddy! My 5 years old is in Sports Skills. We have been members for 6 months and love it so far!"