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Grant County Historical Museum

Exhibits include a focus on the lives of the pioneers who first came to the area included in Grant County. Represented are the Native Americans, the miners who discovered GOLD in 1862, the pioneers and settlers who followed, the Chinese who came to work the gold fields. Life sized mannequins who represent some of those famous people add personality to the collections. Shown are the tools these people worked with, the guns with which they fought and hunted, the twisted ropes used to bring justice to the frontier town. There are gold mining artifacts, Chineses artifacts, three large rock collections and much, much more. Beyond the old relics, there are extensive ephemera files of old newspaper clippings, letters and paper items. The photo files are home to about 5,000 old photgraphs. The museum educates and entertains visitors, provides information for genealogy buffs and would-be authors. Outside stands Joaquin Miller's cabin and the Greenhorn Jail. Miller was known as the Poet of the Sierra's and also served as one of Grant County's earliest county judges, however was best known as a very colorful part of the early population of Canyon City.

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