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Portland Lan Su Chinese Garden

Our mission in developing this unique and diverse living collection is twofold. As a botanical garden, we seek to create as much diversity as possible within a small footprint (only one city block). Our goal is to provide visitors with a microcosmic view of the wealth of Chinas native flora. As a purveyor of traditional Chinese culture, the Gardens botanical collections provide an invaluable tool for explaining customs and traditions rooted in human interaction with plants over Chinas lengthy and well-recorded history. To the monks who nurtured 1,000-year-old camellias behind the sheltering walls of aged temples and to the artisans, crafts people, and plantsmen who built the Garden and procured the plants, we express our most sincere appreciation. And to the citizens, east and west, who so generously gifted the garden with relevant species and private contributions, our heartfelt thanks.

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