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French Prairie Gardens and Family Farm

Our farm was originally purchased from the EJ Harding family by Alwin Pohlschneider. Grandfather Alwin was of German descent and came to America at age 18. The farm is now operated by John and Karren Pohlschneider, along with son Eric, and daughters Katey and Stacy who joined their parents in the work in 1995, 2006, and 2005, respectively.

French Prairie Gardens was started in 1987 as a self-service stand that sold fruits and vegetables. The gardens require about 20 acres to raise fruits, vegetables, pumpkin patch, and house the nursery products. The first building for French Prairie Gardens was constructed in 1995, followed by the show house in 1999, a second show house in 2001, and the brand-new, third show house in 2009!

Other family members are also helping part time as needed during the festival weekends. Daughter Emily Edwards helps with the design work for ads, signs, & flyers. Emily and her husband Steven design all of the painted bales and paint them in late September. Son Scott Pohlschneider & wife Kristin also help lend a hand during Pumpkin Patch time.

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