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The Brandywine Learning Center

1-1 tutoring, enrichment, test preparation, camps, drama, book clubs (Harry Potter), summer academic programs, CAMP ME!

Brandywine Learning Center® (BLC), is a full-service learning center dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our students. Teaching professionals work with students ranging from pre-school through post-college age in all subject areas and test preparation (e.g. SAT,ACT).

Our philosophy is heartfelt—ignite and inspire a passion for learning! BLC lives up to that philosophy by providing students with one-on-one academic coaching, college preparation and test-prep classes. BLC has a unique approach to teaching because our staff understands that children have their own unique learning styles. Most importantly, BLC encourages a passion for learning by showing that learning can be fun.

BLC also offers camps throughout the Delaware Valley -- drama camp, Harry Potter Camp, Make-a-Mess Camp, and academic camps such as a summer Writer's Workshop.

Edu-Tainment is another area that BLC enjoys servicing families. Our Edu-tainment programs include programs that allow children to learn while basking in entertainment. An example of this would be our Harry Potter Blow-Out Nights. Take a book club, add interactive activities such as "potion making" and "rescue" hunts, and kids are immersed in literature with flair! At the same time, parents get a night-out as many of the Edu-Tainment events occur on Friday and Saturday evenings.

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    849 Newcomen Road Chester Springs, PA 19425
  • Contact Information The Brandywine Learning Center 610-827-5678 Website
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