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  • Hours

    9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mon-Fri. Closed on Holidays

  • Children Ages

    3 years to Adult

Lackawanna College Environmental Institute

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The Lackawanna College Environmental Institute is housed on the beautiful 42 acre Moffat Estate in Covington Township. Our building contains space for seminars, research and hands-on workshops. The institute is an excellent setting for children and adults to learn about the environment, enjoy the outdoors, and discover how they can make changes to improve the world around us. The Institute is poised to fully implement our environmental vision, thanks to the generosity of the Covington Township supervisors and the Robert Y. Moffat Family. We thank them for recognizing Lackawanna College’s ability to reshape our region’s environment. Join us on our journey toward a healthier environment and a better world. Help us to build communities that will sustain us, allowing our children to grow up in a society that nurtures new ideas and pathways.

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  • Where
    10 Moffat Drive Covington Township, PA 18444
  • Contact Information Sharon Yanik 570-842-1506 Website
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