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Kixx and Giggles

Kix and Giggles came out of a desire to cater both to childrens entertainment needs and to their parents peace of mind. The main goal in designing Kix and Giggles was to provide a one-of-a-kind play experience in a fun and safe environment . The extensive planning and design of Kix and Giggles also provides a safe environment for special needs children who are invited to free play (admission is waved) every Wednesday throughout the year. Kix and Giggles allows your child to experience the joy of expressing their own play fantasies while playing with real toys that spark their imagination. No video games, no bowling games, no screams for quarters, just toys and open space to run and express themselves. Your child is free to roam because you will be able to see them, no matter where they are in the facility. With 2,000 square feet of play space, Kix and Giggles was designed to provide all the room your child could want while allowing you the security of constant visibility.

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