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Pittsburgh Zoo

The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is home to thousands of amazing animals representing more than four hundred species, including 22 threatened or endangered species. Find out where penguins live, what a Komodo dragon likes to eat, or how the spectacled bear got its name. Begin your tour around the world in the Asian forest , home to the Amur tiger, snow leopard, black rhinoceros, and Komodo dragon. Learn about the new tiger cubs and how their birth is significant to strengthening the North American tiger population. Only a window separates you from the Komodo dragon and watch as the black rhinoceros munch on grass and vegetables. African Savanna Enjoy the African elephant family including two toddlers who love to play and run around. Stop by the ostrich and springbok. Springbok can leap 13 feet in the air and repeat this 5 or 6 times. The giraffes are always curious as to who has come to visit. Stop by the African painted dogs and go hand to paw with the painted dogs. Kids Kingdom Kids Kingdom is the place where kids rule, and learn what it's like to be an animal by acting like one. Ranked one of the top children's zoos in the country, Kids Kingdom features animals native to Pennsylvania, a petting zoo, reptiles, small mammals, and fun play areas such as the spider climb and slides. PPG Aquarium Diversity of Water is on full display, featuring an array of aquatic species from every conceivable watery habitat from the bountiful Amazon River, to icy Antarctica,

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