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Gladys Porter Zoo

This award-winning zoo offers more than 31 acres of easy access to some of the rarest animals in the world. You'll see natural waterways flowing throughout the area and exhibits designed to simulate the animals' natural habitat. In a mere mile trek, a visitor to the Gladys Porter Zoo will encounter a diverse ensemble of 377 species of animals and 225 species of plants! The park is divided into four zoogeographic areas: Africa, Asia, Tropical America and Indo-Australia. There is also a Herpetarium and Aquatic Wing, a Free-flight Aviary, Macaw Canyon, Bear Grottos, a California Sea Lion exhibit and Komodo dragon exhibit. Small World features a nursery and an animal contact yard where children can touch and interact with domesticated animals. Large numbers of wild birds find sanctuary on the Zoo grounds, drawn to the plants and waterways that provide them with food and shelter.

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