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A Bunch of Fun Play Center

A Bunch of Fun is a vibrant indoor play and learning center located in Houston, Texas. Kids can explore, create, pretend, problem solve, and learn valuable skills all in one spacious, safe, and clean play area. It's not just entertainment, its edutainment, customized just for kids, with plenty of options for parents, too. The 6,000 square-foot play center boasts a playhouse, slides, large sand box, manipulative toys,and imagination-inspiring play areas for children, as well as a snack bar and a comfy area with TVs and WiFi for the adults. Our wide variety of creative and education enrichment classes make learning fun and our open play area allows kids to frolic freely and independently, while staying safe and parent supervised. It's much-needed play time for the kids and a well-deserved break for the parents. For celebrations, such as birthdays and other special occasions, A Bunch of Fun has party rooms and a trained staff ready to host and provide anything a child could want and need for a fun and successful celebration, from goodie bags to cake and ice cream. The best part is that it takes the stress off the parents so they can sit back and relax. A Bunch of Fun is also the perfect place for group outings; such as daycare, scout and camp field trips. Switching up a child's day-to-day surroundings can create excitement, prompt stimulation, and get your group to interact with new people and learn new skills! At A Bunch of Fun, we bring education and play together. We want to challenge children to reach, think, interact and explore. More importantly, we want them to have A Bunch of Fun!

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