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    10am-7pm M-F

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    5 years to Adult


Whenever you think, learn, or remember, groups of neurons in your brain physically work together to accomplish the task. If what you're trying to do is difficult or unfamiliar, nearby neurons are drawn into the process to help you out.

LearningRx brain training exposes each student to a customized series of intense mental workouts. To perform these workouts, the brain is forced to strengthen, reorganize and even create new neural pathways. In other words, brain training "rewires" the brain to perform more efficiently than ever before.

How important is it to force your brain to work hard? According to Dr. John Ratey of Harvard Medical School, and the author of A User's Guide to the Brain, using your brain keeps it vital and growing, and not using it leads to decay. Dr. Ratey concludes that, "for the first time, we are learning to see mental weaknesses as physical systems in need of training and practice."

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    14424 Albemarle Pt. Place Chantilly, VA 20151
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July Open House


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"Don't miss our July Open House on the 16th! Casey Bauer will present information on the LearningRx programs and methods and tours will be given."