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Mt. Olympus and The Bay

No matter the weather, the time of year nor your taste in water and theme park attractions, Mt. Olympus beckons as a land of myth and adventure where the only thing you will never be, is bored. Lose yourself in an ancient world as you brave four thrilling lands. Thirty-seven steep and slippery slides. Six hair-raising roller coasters. Eight curve-hugging go-kart tracks. A titanic array of attractions, wet and dry, in winter and summer. With 156 acres of adventure, welcome to the heavenly Wisconsin Dells water and theme park. Zeus' Playground. Outdoor adventures that will test the spirit of even the most stalwart heroes. Ride Zeus own collection of roller coasters, including the Hades. With the worlds longest underground tunnel, it will plunge you into a mythic underworld that will terrify and delight. For wiser mortals, go-kart tracks will tempt with twists and turns through underwater tunnels and even into the belly of the Trojan horse. Neptunes Water Kingdom. An outdoor realm with water slides and rides of all shapes, sizes and speeds. Dare you face Poseidons Rage, whose awesome force comes in the worlds tallest waves -- over 9 feet! But fear not: Neptune also offers interactive pools for the young and an enchanting Endless River to refresh the weary. The Parthenon. The Dells' first indoor theme park, open all year, which offers a cornucopia of fun, games and rides for everyone

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