Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Koddler

Koddler is an online resource helping parents find activities for their children. We provide a listing of children's destinations, an event calendar, as well as seasonal items such as our Summer Camp Directory.

Is Koddler free?

Koddler membership is completely free of charge. Full-featured destination and event listings are provided free of charge. Inclusion in our seasonal summer camp directory is provided at a nominal charge.

How do I choose my location?

Location, location, location! You pick the location, and we filter the site to your needs. When you visit Koddler for the first time from a browser, we try our best to determine your geographic location. If we are wrong, it is easy enough to change. Simply click on the location name at the top of the page to open the location dropdown. Once open, enter either a city/state or a zip code and click Go. At any point, you can change the location and we will refresh the world of Koddler around you.


How do I submit a listing?

Any registered user can submit a listing to Koddler. Once registered and logged in, select the Members link at the top of the page. On the Members page, select the type of listing you would like to create, fill out the form and save.

Koddler is also a part of the Event Roar platform. Through Event Roar, you can submit your event through a single form and target multiple publications such as Koddler. For a nominal fee, you are able to save a ton of time.

Someone else listed my business or event. Can I change it?

We encourage everyone to add relevant listings to Koddler. As a result, parents sometimes add listings for their favorite destinations. While this is a compliment, the businesses often want to make modifications. Businesses are welcome to claim their listings, allowing them to make edits as well as add photos and promotions. To claim a listing, register on Koddler and send an email to info at and include your username, a link to the page, and your relation to the listing.

How do I add events to a listing?

Events can either stand on their own or exist under a destination listing. When listed under a destination, they will be displayed in the events tab of the destination page in addition to the calendar. To add an event to a destination, start at the destination listing page and click the Add Event link on the left. This saves a ton of typing, as the location and contact information is filled in for you.

What are promotions and how do I add them?

Do you have a deal which will interest the community? Add a promotion by logging into Koddler and click the promotion link on the right hand side of your listing page. Promotions are visible on the top of the listing, are included in the Koddler Local email newsletter, and inject a coupon symbol next to the listing on the calendar and destination directory.

How do I change a listing?

If you own the listing, you can change the listing. Start by logging into Koddler and visiting the listing page. On the right hand side click the Edit link. Make your changes and save. Easy!

When will my listing be approved?

We make every attempt to approve listings within two business days. That being said we have periods of high volume which slow us down. To help us approve your listing sooner, make sure the listing is complete and accurate. This saves time communicating back and forth for changes.

My listing was auto-approved. What happened?

Koddler contains an auto-approve function which can bring your listing online immediately. In order to qualify for auto approval, you must be an active event submitter and have a history of submitting clean events. If you think you should be auto-approved...send us a message through the Contact Us page.


How do I add photos to my listing?

Photos help make listings pop, and they are a snap to add. Login to Koddler and visit your listing page. If you are the owner of the listing, you will be able to add photos to the gallery as well as add a thumbnail photo for the upper left of the page. To add a thumbnail, click the "Set Image" link overlaying the thumbnail place holder. To add photos to the gallery, click the "Photo Gallery" link on the right hand side. Browse to select your photos and upload. Listings support up to 5 photos and include individual captions.

TIP: You can browse and select photos from your computer or enter the path to an image from the Internet.

How do I size the thumbnail?

While the photo gallery supports photos of all dimensions, the listing thumbnail has a specific dimension which is roughly square. Rather than uploading a square photo, the site allows you to crop the image to the correct size after upload.

If your photo is not square and you are having a tough time cropping to make the image look correct, try modifying your image before uploading. Using an imaging program, resize the image to include more space around the main subject or logo. Now when you upload and attempt to crop, you will have more flexibility.

Is there a size limit on photos?

When you upload photos to Koddler, we take care of shrinking the width and height to fit on the site. We do not expand the width and the height, so we recommend starting with a photo which is at least 350x350 pixels.

Regardless of the width and height of a photo, we limit the size of the file you can upload to 5MB. If your file is too big it is likely a photo taken with a high resolution camera. To accommodate, you can load it into a photo program, change the image dimensions, and save a copy. Then upload the copy.

User Reviews

How do I review a listing

Any registered user can review a listing on Koddler. Once registered, visit the listing page and click the "Rate / Comment" link on the left. A comment form will popup. Fill it out and hit submit.

How do I post my review on Facebook?

Once you add a review, we offer the opportunity to post your comments on Facebook. Take it! If you say it on Koddler why not let your friends know.

How do I change a review after I created it? made a mistake. Or perhaps you changed your mind. Not a problem. You can change your review by just reviewing a listing again.

I received a bad review. Can I delete it?

Its hard to please everyone and it is quite possible you receive a bad review. Unless reviews include offensive language, we will not remove the listings. We do not believe in stifling opinions. Instead, the best defense is to flood Koddler with the positive comments of your other clients. Encourage them to add comments, and that one negative comment will no longer mean a thing. Just a single review from one grumpy customer.