Home Page Layout

The home page is designed to bring the most relevant local content, and bubble it up for a launch point into the rest of the site. As a business, it is important to understand how that information is selected for the home page so that you can maximize your exposure.

Home page layout

Sliding Header (A)

At the top of the page, a slider rotates panels of information. These panels typically contain seasonal items, articles, as well as contest promotion.

Top Destination / Recent Destination (B)

The top destination is the listing with the highest rating in the vistor's area. The highest rating is the listing with the highest average rating followed by the most number of ratings. Member ratings can quickly bring a listing to the front page of Koddler.

If there are no ratings in your area, then the displayed listing will be the most recently created destination listing and not display the blue checkmark bubble. If there are no comments in your area, a single member comment will land you on the front page of Koddler.

Upcoming Events (C)

The event calendar simply provides a convenient way to see the next day's events in your area.

Local Blogs and Resources (D)

We are always looking for valuable online resources. If you find one which is a good fit for parents, please let us know so we can add it to the list!

Recent Comments (E)

The two most recent comments in your area are listed under Recent Comments, with a link to the listing the comment references. Member comments increase exposure on Koddler.

Advertising (F)

Finally, the right column is dedicated to banner advertising. If you are intested in advertising on Koddler, read more on our advertising page.