Anatomy of the Koddler Local Newsletter

The Koddler Local Newsletter is a weekly email newsletter sent every Wednesday to registered Koddler members. The newsletter provides insight into recent additions to Koddler, member comments, as well as upcoming events.

Koddler Local Newsletter Layout

All newsletter content is filtered for the members selected area. That area can be changed through the communication preferences settings under the Members area of Koddler.

Notes (A)

The top of the newsletter can optionally include notes from Koddler, references to new articles or promotions, and paid advertising.

Koddler Promotions (B)

Listings on Koddler can be outfitted with promotions by the listing owners. Promotions are offers available to our members, which can be limited to a specific time window. Promotions created within the last week are included in the Koddler Local newsletter.

Recent Destinations (C)

Destinations within your area which have been added to Koddler in the last week are included in the newsletter. If the destination includes a thumbnail image, it is included along with the listing. Thumbnail images add a significant amount of visual interest and should be used whenever possible.

Recent Comments (D)

Area member comments within the last week are included in the newsletter. Members can add a lot of value to local businesses by simply letting others know what they think. Speak up for the community!

Upcoming Events (E)

Finally, the meat of any Koddler Local newsletter is the list of upcoming events for the next two weeks. For maximum exposure on Koddler, events should be submitted two weeks prior to the event date in order to make both newsletter runs.