Behind the Screen: Technology

It's true that we are parents first, building a community for other parents to come together and engage their children. What you may not know, is that we are geeks through and through and Koddler reflects those dual passions.

The Koddler Platform

When you first visit Koddler, you may see just another listing website. Take a peek behind the screen and you will understand the significance of the Koddler Platform. Its elegance is in its simplicity.

Koddler Platform Architecture Koddler Technical Architecture (click to Expand)

The Koddler Platform functions in just three easy steps:

  1. Collection

    You are likely familiar with traditional listing submission. A member logs into Koddler, fills out a form and submits. One of the Koddler Team reviews the listing and *boom* you're online. Did you also know that for event-rich systems, we can hook up and import the information automatically? Our library partners love this. Very cool. If you have a system you would like us to feed from, send us the information at info at

    If you don't have the system for us to pull events from, you can always upload a file and we will do the rest by creating all the events for you.

  2. Chewing it Up

    Now that we have all the listings, the Koddler Engine chews it up and makes sense of it all. We categorize the information, find it on the map, make it zippy to find and store it in our listing data store...all real-time. A little techie perhaps, but cool techie.

  3. Distribution

    Those listings are no good to you sitting in the Koddler data store, so we expose it through every medium possible. That's right. By entering a listing once, we display it online to local Koddler users, include it in our local email newsletters, distribute it to local blogs, and optimize it for popular Search Engines.

    You can even use Koddler as your event management system and plug the event feed directly into your website. A popular choice for small businesses.


Ok. That is the extent of the geek speak you will see on Koddler. Should you see opportunities for us to extend or evolve the platform, please drop us a note. We are where we are today thanks to the dedication of our passionate members.